Selective Mutism research


Exploratory study of Selective Mutism in adults (October 2013)
This research study was undertaken throughout 2013 at the University of Chester. If you were a participant who part in this research thank you again - this research is as much your's as mine.
Read the research findings here
You are free to disseminate the information wherever you wish to (in public talks etc.), and to reuse the questionnaires in your own research, however please acknowledge the source to this website.
 Download PS7112_Dissertation (PDF) (2.2MB)

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Questionnaires upon which the dissertation was based
 Download PS7112_Questionnaire_1 (English) (PDF) (0.8MB)
 Download PS7112_Questionnaire_1 (French) (PDF) (0.8MB)
 Download PS7112_Questionnaire_2 (English) (PDF) (0.6MB)

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